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Model Jewellery founded in 1969, had been one of the leading companies in the Gold and Diamond sector. In addition to the gold and diamond jewellery production, in the Grand Bazaar a retail store has been opened in 1970, that is still continuing. Model Jewellery has become one of the leading companies in the sector with its success story, while gold and diamond wholesaling business has gained speed with the introduction of the company with export incentives of 1990s, began to export 14 carat and diamond products.

Simultaneously with its growth, it moved its production to its production facility located in Piyer Loti, and besides hand labor, machinery and equipment investment was made in accordance with today’s technology. 2 more wholesale stores in Grand Bazaar were added to the retail stores. In the following years, the production facility has been transformed from a large workshop to a factory and 14 carat and diamond finished product production as well as plain monture production has been started. Between 1993-2000, the plain monture designs have been produced by MODEL KUYUMCULUK on the entire coastline from Izmir to Antalya have achieved a good market share and the simple monture needs of approximately 200 jewelers have been met.

In this period, the success achieved in the field of plain mountings continues today and Model Jewelery is among the top three companies in the plain mount market. By the year 2000, the second generation who completed their education has taken over the business, Model Jewelery has moved to its independent store located in Nuruosmaniye and now provides all the wholesale works under one roof. Furthermore, the production facility in Piyer Loti has been moved to Kuyumcukent and modernized in the light of new technological developments. On the first floor of the store in Nuruosmaniye, the finished products with diamonds are wholesale. It produces in Kuyumcukent with a wide range of sector-trained designer staff. Model Diamond Diamond products in many retail stores in Turkey meet the buyer. Again, the company produces plain montages with its own designers and is exported to many countries.

Model Jewelery is also one of the largest and most important stone offices in the country, supplying bare diamonds and selling them to jewelers. Model Jewelery exports to European Countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Middle East Countries such as Iran, Dubai, Syria, Israel, Russia and Ukraine. It is a proud to present its high quality and guaranteed products with the “Made in Turkey” stamp in all the countries that it reaches.

As Model Diamond, we are taking place between Turkey’s largest diamond suppliers. Our stock with a large diamond, we serve with the best prices to every corner of Turkey. We support you with our expertise, different and original designs, reliability and after sales services. Our diamond collections, which can meet every budget and different needs, include unique product designs such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets made of diamond and precious stones. Our products are checked for quality by our professional team before they reach you.

Our diamond products are made by our certified specialists who have received special training in HRD laboratories in Antwerp, Belgium. Our HRD certified diamond products are presented to you with multiple criteria such as shapes, clarity, weight, color, size and cut type. The HRD certificate, which is accepted worldwide, shows all the features of the diamond in a transparent way. Our collection we have developed in accordance with world trends, Turkey’s special occasions which we’ve organized in different cities and the opportunity is presented to you in days. We bring you together with the diamond enthusiasts by organizing these events. Turkey offers the widest selection of models of our brand, offers the appropriate design for all requirements and budgets of different to you. Please click here to see our Sales Points.




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