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Şirazi Kuyumculuk played an important role in the beginning of a new transformation in the jewelry industry by transitioning from workshop production to industrial production.
We are committed to working in a way that ensures our customers who purchase diamond jewelry have confidence in the professional and ethical standards and technical skills of the diamond industry. To achieve this, we take into account the following points:
Natural diamonds are a symbol of prestige and a luxury consumer product; they are often purchased for emotional reasons and are highly valued in the eyes of our customers. Diamonds are a product about which our customers have limited knowledge and expertise; therefore, we do our best to ensure that our customers can rely on the information provided about the standards and honesty of the diamond industry, as well as other characteristics of diamonds such as cut, color, clarity, carat weight, and whether or not they have been treated, in order to make an informed choice. We work with high professional and ethical standards and technical skills to ensure that our customers' trust is not betrayed and that the reputation of the diamond industry is not harmed, but rather improved.



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